Complicated by Zannie Adams

ComplicatedComplicated by Zannie Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Was a good short read for me.

The story starts with our two main characters already involved.

They both thought they just wanted a simple “sex only” relationship, but ofc things will get complicated.

In a short story it packed quite a punch (as my nana used to say, good stuff comes in little bundles).

You cared about our two main characters, and other than the daughter, there were no other secondary characters really to distract from the 2 main characters which in short stories, I never really like.

There is just something about the few Zannie Adams books I have read that I just love.

Have to agree about the cover, it almost put me off! Uk ppl might get this, but the woman looks like Sara Millican, I do not need to imagine Sarah Millican as my female romantic lead! As funny as Sarah Millican is.


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