Review Requests


If you would like me to review a book, please use the Contact form to get in touch.

Please also include a brief synopsis of the book you would like me to review.

I do read for enjoyment and have 2 small children and a job – so, if I feel I have too many R2R books to read, I may decline any further for a short time. I do not want to rush any books I have been kindly offered as an ARC, and I like to have the time to enjoy them too.

I use the Goodreads rating system.

1 star – Did not like it.

2 stars –  It was OK.

3 stars –  Liked it.

4 stars –  Really liked it.

5 stars – It was amazing.


If I DNF a book, I will not put a review on my blog, although I may add a review to GR depending on why I DNF and how much I read of the book.


I prefer not to read NA/YA or anything to angsty, need a HEA and do not like cheating or love triangle books – so if your books contain those themes, I am probably not the reviewer for you.

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