Planet Mail (Mail Call, #1) by Kate Pearce

Planet Mail (Mail Call, #1)Planet Mail by Kate Pearce
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was only a 2 star read for me.

It started off ok, but just lost steam for me.

The usual thing of them both not wanting to really admit to each other how they feel even if it means they lose each other – and Douglass more than willing to not tell Marcus, a Marcus who believes he is infertile and has just found out that some girl who he thought was pregnant with his baby is not, she is pregnant.

The end felt very rushed to me, even with an epilogue I love, you love, me, lets get married, ok I will come visit you soon bye bye.

It was enjoyable enough for a kindle freebie, however, I wont be getting the next in the series, and I have seen the whole “alien civilisation needs woman” done before and much better.

Amazon Uk Link: Planet Mail


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