A little bit about my reviews.

I started to review about a year ago on Goodreads.

After a short time, I decided to start including in my reviews, the information I myself tend to go looking for. Such as I NEED to know if there is a HEA, cheating, or love triangles. I generally do not like surprises, and like a bit of an idea what I am getting before diving into a book.

As such, my reviews may contain some spoilers, most will state (apart from the earlier reviews that I copied over from Goodreads) if there is a HEA, cheating etc.

My reviews are purely my opinion and thoughts on a book after I have finished it. Sometimes I may get a bit ranty if certain things annoy me, but not everyone can like everything 100% of the time.

So just as a warning, before you carry on into my blog, there may be spoilers ahead!

Happy Reading

The Romance Reading Brit
AKA – SamJ ★Needs a HEA★


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6 responses to “A little bit about my reviews.

  1. Kathleen Young

    Hi Sam, just saw you posted a link for your blog on Goodreads so of course I entered my email address for emails. I too like knowing about the heat level and such when choosing a book. Wish I had the slightest idea on how to start a blog, LOL.


  2. I’m the same. Probably won’t change either 🙂

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  3. Good for you. On my old blog i used to review a lot differently than i do now. It’s up to us👌
    Fab blog, following.

    Rose@https://rosehartblog.wordpress.com/ (adult fiction)

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