Review – Not Your Shoe Size (Act Your Age #1.5) by Eve Dangerfield

Not Your Shoe Size (Act Your Age #1.5)

Not Your Shoe Size by Eve Dangerfield
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

★Book Basics★

Genre: – Contemporary Erotica Romance
Series: – Book 1.5
Love triangle? – No
Cheating? – No
HEA? – Yes
Would I read more by this author? – Yes
Rating – 5


I make no secret of the fact I love this author!

And Act Your Age is one of my favourites! I loved Ty and Middleton the first time round so was excited to have a continuation and catch up of their story!

So Tyler and Kate have been together and committed for 5 years.

They have significant age difference – that Ty especially struggled with in the first book and still struggles with here, especially as he has recently turned 50 – and a kink that again they both struggled with in the past but have found in each other the perfect answer to that part of their life.

I was not sure what to expect with this book, and again it proves just how well this author can write complicated characters that have the same fears and insecurities as the rest of us.

Even though the love they have for each other is so strong – it was interesting to see them work through that, and for me especially from Ty – he adores Kate, she was his, he was hers and that was that.

All in an excellent 5 stars.

Eve Dangerfield writes unforgettable stories about unforgettable couples – who are vulnerable, complicated, kinky, have issues, hangups, baggage – yet are so deserving of the HEA she gives them.


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