ARC – Wrecking Ball (Hard To Love #1) by P. Dangelico

Wrecking Ball (Hard To Love #1)Wrecking Ball by P. Dangelico

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Copy received from netgalley in exchange for an honest review

★Book Basics★

Genre: – Cont. Romance
Series: – Stand Alone
Love triangle? – No
Cheating? – No
HEA? – Yes
Would I read more by this author/or in this series? – Yes
Rating – 4.5 stars


You know when you are reading a book, then you finish it, and wish you had not read it at all to begin with, JUST so you can go back and read it all brand new for the very first time again!

Well that was this book. As I was reading it, I was loving it and loving moving on in the story, but at the same time, looking at my kindle, and thinking “ok, I am 40% through, I still have 60% of good book to go”……..or “right, I am 70% though, that is still 30% of book left, 30 is a lot”

That was this book.

We all know, grumpy, sulky mean guys, yet hiding a secret pain are my faves!! Especially when they have no issue with stripping down!

It was a slow burn, from dislike to friendship to love, and it just worked so so beautifully.

I loved the heroine, she was a strong character and stood up for herself. Adored her best friend, hope she gets a book.

And the hero, as i said above, I love a grumpy hero and watching the big lumbering grumps fall in love.

For the story itself between the main characters, it was better than 5 stars. It was well paced and heartwarming and beautiful to read.

However, overall, a couple of little things just stopped it shy of 5 stars overall. The situation with the nephew – to start it felt like it was being strongly implied he came from a rather abusive background, the heroine falls in love with the kid, and yet, his mom comes back, and despite how the hero has talked about her, or to her on the phone, or even how he was with the nephew to begin, they apparently have a really strong loving sisterly/brotherly bond. It just jarred a bit, given how it had been up till then. And once they are gone, pretty much no mention is made of the kid again despite the heroine apparently having loved him so much. And overall the ending felt rushed.

However, this is a book I can see re reading again and again, and of you are a fan of slow burns, then it is one of the better ones!!

Expected publication: January 19th 2017

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