Review – Unexpected Reality by Kaylee Ryan

Unexpected RealityUnexpected Reality by Kaylee Ryan

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

★Book Basics★

Genre: – Cont Romance
Series: – Stand Alone
Love triangle? – No
Cheating? – No, but hero has detailed encounters with other women before meeting the heroine
HEA? – Yes
Would I read more by this author/or in this series? – No!
Rating – 1 stars


Warning – this review may be spoilery, and I may get ranty

I so got sucked in by the cover on this book and the purposefully vague blurb. I really should have read more reviews.

I have to say, I have several issues with this book.

One, we start with the POV of Melissa, ok, yes, makes sense, she seems like a perfect heroine.

She has a sad backstory, is alone in the world, meets out hero, who seems like a pretty decent guy. Has a one night stand with hero, then runs of into the night.

We then move to the POV of the hero several months later, who has been a bit down in the dumps since his ONS with Melissa, as he has been unable to forget her as there was just “something about her” blah blah blah.

Luckily, his friends are right here to cheer him up and get him out of his dry spell, by betting him to have a 3 months relationship with a woman of their choosing. Our stand up guy hero ofc accepts this bet, I mean he cannot give up bragging rights now can he or the all of $4oo that he will win.

A couple of months later, luckily the girl he is with for a bet, is “happy” for a friends with benefits arrangement so all is good in the hero’s world. He might not really like this girl, but hey, he has a bet to win. And she is just a FWB that he does not like, so he can drag her to card night, and ignore her while he plays cards with his friends, but not like her attitude when she is ignored as she is clingy and unreasonable (it is ok, luckily for us, she ofc turns out to be a screaming bitch later on in the story)

So anyway, because he is our awesome hero, on the way to his FWB house, he saves a damsel in distress at the side of a road, then carries on and comes across a car crash and saves another damsel in serious distress, and feels like he NEEDS to follow her to the hospital. That is some paranormal shit right there.

Anyway, follow her her does, while there he gets a phone call to come to the hospital, as he is listed as Next of Kin for someone who has been in an accident. So off he trots, to find out it is Melissa, her of the one night stand fame. Oh and btw she is pregnant and has a remarkably detailed letter explaining everything (and giving next weeks lottery numbers *j/k*) on her person. Which explains she is pregnant, he is the Daddy yadda yadda yadda. Oh and this is the woman he just saved and followed to the hospital. Did he miss the massive pregnant belly, who knows.

Anyway, lots of internal torture for the hero over how he is going to be a daddy and how is he going to be a good daddy, but overall, him and his ENTIRE family, seem to take it all in stride.

Baby is born by c-section, hero “talks” to an unconscious Melissa, begging her to wake up, saying they need her etc, hero panics as he has no idea how to be a daddy, gets remarkably detailed instruction manual type instructions on how to care for said baby by the staff, ergo, he is now actually an awesome Daddy.

So, ok, we are at 20% of the story, we just need Melissa to wake up and her and the hero can get to know each other and all set up for a nice story.

Only no, because Melissa wakes up for 20 mins, has a lovely emotional meeting with her son, her and Ridge, the hero have a cuddle and it is all very emotional. The hero then takes the baby back to the nursery, and not 2o mins later gets the news Melissa has died.

Erm…..ok then.

So on we go, 3-4 days later and the hero is home with his baby, and meets Kendall. Who is a nurse, at the baby clinic he takes the baby to.

Anyway, Super Daddy and Kendall almost immediately fall in lust. Despite Kendall thinking he has just lost the love of his life, and mother of his days old baby and he is in mourning, and Super Daddy Ridge having a freaking days old baby, who’s mom has just died.

Lots of flirting, lots of Kendall feeling guilty for flirting with Ridge, even though he is flirting back, she never ever thinks “hold up, this guy has a days old baby, has lost the love of his life, yet he is flirting with me, what a dickhead wanker of donkey kong proportions” no she is all about the self loathing is our Kendall.

Her family however, tell her to go for it, as you know, things might not be what they seem, his family tell him to go for it, as you know, Melissa dying, yeah, tragic and all that but blah blah blah, you deserve a life.

So anyway, Kendall soon starts to fill in the “Mommy” role, but it is ok, as she feels ever so guilty for it. She even finds out the hero was in a relationship for a “bet” but while having issues with it, she lets it go.

But everyone loves them as a couple, they are so adorable, Melissa who is forgotten about, except in a vague “oh isn’t it sad my baby will never know his mother” type way. In fact, given we KNOW she had no family, who on earth organised that poor girls funeral? Since that is NEVER mentioned.

I am not even sure why I did not DNF, maybe to see if it got better. Only it doesn’t, since Melissa whats her name had written yet ANOTHER overly detailed letter, which had been posted to Kendall and she gets months later because of reasons. In this, we find out, that Melissa was her sister, who had been adopted by one couple, while Kendall was adopted by another. Although lets not let the fact it has not once previously AT ALL been mentioned that Kendall was adopted get in the way of a plot twist huh?

So anyway, off they got into the sunset, happily married and everything. Kendall ofc, being the guilt ridden gal she is, has some issues with baby Knox calling her Mommy, but she soon gets over that with the help if a counsellor and a set of adoption papers.

So all in, yeah that was maybe a longer rant than I thought, but this book annoyed me on so many levels. I can kinda see what the author wanted to do, you know, make it a bit different….go in a direction books like this do no usually. But it did not work for me. AT ALL

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