Review – Bounty (Colorado Mountain, #7) by Kristen Ashley

Bounty (Colorado Mountain, #7)Bounty by Kristen Ashley

★Book Basics★

Genre: – Cont. Romance
Series: – 7th in the series
Love triangle? – No
Cheating? – No
HEA? – Yes
Would I read more by this author/or in this series? – Yes
Rating – 2 stars


Update 22/4/16

Downgraded this to a 2, as really as I said in discussions about this, for Bounty alone, the story of Deke and Justice, and Justice as a character, I probably would not have finished it, but I liked seeing all the Carnal gang (which makes me wonder if that is why they are in so much, to deflect away from all that is dire!) They are the “shiny” put there to take our attention.

Original review:




And again, just in case you missed it.


I kind of do not know what to think.

You know, this is a book for die hard KA fans, of which I used to think I was one.

In saying that however, this book, I can’t see drawing in new fans (although who would start a series at book 7 but still)

It felt a lot like we have been here before. A bit of conflict to start, a couple of random dramas, something happens that wakes the hero up, then the hero and heroine are TOGETHER and in luurvve, a fair few chapters of this, and them settling, everyday routine, something happens, then an obligatory scene in a hospital with the entire cast of secondary characters hanging around with the situation strongly hinting at being dire. But ofc it is not.

I really liked Deke, he was calm and almost zen like at times (although as with KA hero’s can get riled up rather quick if the heroine is threatened.) The heroine, I am still not sure about. She writes a song about someone she meets for 10 mins, then bloody releases the song. Put this down to her “poets soul” You know since she is not just normal like the rest of us. Just felt like she went on about being a “Lonesome” or having a “poets soul” a touch too much. She feels like she can see people for who they really were (Chace being “broken” or Deacon “destroyed”), while the rest of the common folk were unable to do so. But no, you see she is just oh so special. I think she might actually be my second most disliked KA heroine after the horror of whats her name in Wild and Free. But ofc all our old favourites from the series instantly enveloped her into the group and had her back, she could even break through the high walls that Krys built up around herself in mere minutes since Krys recognises the “bounty” in Jus/Jussy.

I loved the bits with previous couples in, Max/Nina, Tate/Laurie etc.

But that is just it that is what this book is for. A revisit to Carnal for those of us who have loved the series. It could not stand up on its own as a story without that history. And yes I love to see couples from previous books, it just felt like here, it was relied upon too heavily to the detriment of an original story or main characters. I feel like KA in recent books has done these little cameos or mentions of other characters from other series too much. We all get excited and squee “oh it is Tate” “Oh Lee has been mentioned” etc……..but the bare bones of the story and main characters, it is nothing new. It is just you know – boring in the end.

3 stars because I did enjoy those appearances (see, I got dragged in) and liked Deke but the story itself – I am left a bit deflated and in all honesty sad that I got bored and felt like it was just a rehashed story.

Oh, and this is my perfect Deke!

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