Review – Trailer Park Virgin by Alexa Riley

Trailer Park VirginTrailer Park Virgin by Alexa Riley

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Well, despite the fact AR books are usually over the top insta love, ott possessive alpha etc I still enjoy them, as the hero is so over the top and falls for the heroine and cannot live without her.

In this one, that “cannot live without you” factor, for me was missing.

It was pretty much just a lust filled sex filled collection of pages with no actual feeing there.

For me, what I enjoy about AR is her over the top, fall head over heels stalker like cannot live without you hero.

Here, all it seemed to be about was a Dad and his son wanting to get their rocks off with pretty much the only option available and lucky for them she was young, hot and willing.

Do not get me wrong, it was hot and smutty, but just not, for me, what I read AR for.

And tbh, I found myself cringing a bit, as opposed to actually enjoying it.

Felt to much like the “heroine” was being used, as opposed to loved.

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