Review – Sebring (Unfinished Hero, #5) by Kristen Ashley

Sebring (Unfinished Hero, #5)Sebring by Kristen Ashley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

★Book Basics★

Genre: – Cont. Romance
Series: – 5th in the series.
Love triangle? – No
Cheating? – No
HEA? – Yes
Would I read more by this author/or in this series? – Yes
Rating – 5 stars


Have to be honest, I was not massively looking forward to this. After all, Knight was my first and best KA hero, and Nick was mean to my Knight!

Also, I read the teaser chapters, and did not warm to the heroine Olivia.

And upon starting it I still did not warm to her. But then we started getting hints of her past and begin to realise that this was all a front. She was probably one of the most, if not THE most emotionally damaged of KA’s heroines. She had shut herself down completely. Existing in a very narrow world, making no connections as she had learnt horribly, and horrifically just what can happen if she tries to break from her world and make a connection. So in a way, she just shut herself off. She is living in the dark.

And Nick, oh Nick, just how was KA going to redeem him. But Nick has grown up. He has realised certain things no longer matter, he has worked hard, he has known loss. But he wants revenge. He has a plan, and moves to start that plan, but not all is as he realises with The House of Shade and he soon begins to realise that Olivia is a prisoner in a gilded cage.

I loved this story, it was gritty and man was it HOT!

Nick and Olivia begin a battle of sorts, both needing and wanting control, not wanting to mean anything to each other, other than a means to an end.

But Nick cannot help himself from drowning in Olivia and Livvie cannot help but begin to hope she can be free. Nick soon begins to realise his plan for vengeance takes a back seat to his Livvie, and helping her be free. And Livvie, I have read some discussions where she is described as weak, but for me that is not the case. She lived a horrific life, having something awful happen to her at the hands of the one person in the word a girl should be able to rely on protecting her, and she survived, she lived, yes she shut down, but when an opportunity presented itself, she was strong enough to dare to hope again, and put herself on the line. Not one person in her life, until Nick, had ever been on her side. So what will happen when she finds out just how and why Nick came into her life?

There were so many times I made notes on my kindle of bits I loved. I adored when we had the interactions between Knight and Nick, seeing how their relationship had grown.

“Jesus, you’re a bossy motherfucker,” Nick muttered.”Then again, you always were”
“You don’t know the half of it,” Knight muttered back but did it grinning.
He probably didn’t know the half of it. What he did now was that he didn’t want to…………………………………………………

….”You wanna meet my girl, safer for you to come to us first. But I’m no one-trick pony so it isn’t gonna be steak.”
“Now he disrespects my steak,” Knight muttered.
“Get out. Got work to do”
Knight grinned and turned.
He was almost out the door when Nick called his name.
He had men out thee, Bernadette.
He didn’t care.
“Just so you know, love you too.”

While as I said above, this was gritty, on the darker side, hard to take in places, it had some moments that just made me laugh or smile.

There he was.
He’d made it.
He’d fucking made it. With his own hands, sweat, balls, gut and brains.
He’d made it and he’d earned it and there he was……
Living it.
His perfect word.

A perfect end to the series.

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