Review – From Rags by Suzanne Wright

From RagsFrom Rags by Suzanne Wright

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

★Book Basics★

Genre: – Contemporary Romance
Series: – Stand Alone
Love triangle? – No.
Cheating? – No
HEA? – Yes
Would I read more by this author/or in this series? – Yes
Rating – 3.5 stars


I did not enjoy this one as much as I did the Phoenix Packs series.

I found the heroine maybe just a too bit one dimensional for me. Yes SW can write “feisty strong” heroines but at times it feel like that is ALL there is to them. The heroine just deals with her awful past by…….turning off her emotions! Even at the end, when what happens to her happens she is kind of just “meh”. Actually made it hard to connect to her as a character.

The hero, atypical grunting alpha all “mine mine mine” while not feeling like he can offer the heroine anything as he is unlovable etc…..

YET! – I do enjoy the way SW writes. Her books are fast paced and entertaining. Might I get bored of it in the future, since so far, all her characters seem very similar? Possibly.

But currently, am enjoying them.

I do wish, and this was a issue I had in the Phoenix Pack series, that the world SW likes to make her characters inhabit were not full of stereotypical ex girlfriends, bitches, twats etc. In fact, anyone who the hero or heroine are not friends with, or will become friends with, is portrayed in such an over the top horrible way it is a bit much.

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