A Case of Plagarisim

Well, as I am sure some of you have heard by now, it has been said that The Tornado by Missy Blue was actually plagiarised from some fan fiction.

Now, I was hoping that this was maybe a case of the authors being one and the same and the fan fic author had decided to publish under a different name. This is not the case. The author on Fanfic, Wynter S. Komen, who published the story on Fanfic.net under the title In The Land of Gods and Monsters updated that fanfic only an hour ago conforming the worst suspicions that this is indeed a case of plagiarism. https://m.fanfiction.net/s/9099258/39/



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2 responses to “A Case of Plagarisim

  1. Kathleen Young

    That SUCKS!

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