Hyde and Seek (Hyde Series Book 1) by Layla Frost (Release Day April 2nd)

Hyde and Seek (Hyde Series Book 1)Hyde and Seek by Layla Frost
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Copy received in exchange for an honest review

★Book Basics★

Genre: – Cont Romance
Series: – Book 1 in the series.
Love triangle? – No
Cheating? – No
HEA? – Yes
Would I read more by this author/or in this series? – Yes
Rating 4 stars

Ok, so I have had this on my radar for quite awhile and had been waiting on it.

So, I was super pleased to get a R2R copy.

I admit to being surprised the heroine was only 20 once I started reading. Now, usually I dislike reading about such young characters, but the heroine here, was really really likeable. Had her stuff sorted pretty much, knew what she wanted out of life. She is a pretty strong character, and that was refreshing She knew her own worth, but in a very endearing way. Some of the best moments is when she is talking to herself, either out loud or in her mind! It had some truly funny moments, and they were all thanks to Piper. As a heroine, I LOVED her.

Now, this book did have some things that normally put me off a book, virgin heroine – yes, every hot male introduced in the book (of which there were an uncommonly large amount) fancying the heroine – yes, terrible ex with skanky friends – yes…

But, I just did not care. And again, it is because I fell a little in love with the heroine!

I really did like both main characters, and it has an entire cast full of very intriguing secondary characters.

As a story, I loved it, and this author has a very good knack for writing very very likeable characters.

In saying that however, certain things could have just been a bit tighter and neater for me. For example, she meets the rest of the guys through Z, but no real mention of how she met Z, just that she met him at certain “events”, but it seemed a touch out of place, for Z to have even been at those sort of events in the first place.

There are an awful lot of “hot” males introduced in this book, not just the guys at Hyde, but bar owners, bands and the band members etc. There was a couple of times I had to do a search on my kindle to remind myself of who was who.

The relationship between Piper and Jake, after the initial trying to deny feelings, seemed to go from 0-60 very quickly.

At times it did jump around a bit, and went back and forth a touch, so that I was uncertain where or when a scene was exactly taking place a couple of times.

But, I really enjoyed it, it has one of my favourite heroines I think I have ever read about, and it actually managed to really surprise me about 86%, I actually gasped and went “Noooooooo”, and my heart jumped, yet even though I did not see it coming AT ALL (and I usually do) you know what, it made sense. Am still a little upset though, but it was brilliant.

An excellent début from this author, and one to watch.

Amazon UK Link: Hyde and Seek (Hyde Series Book 1)


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