Reclaimed (Knights Rebels MC #2.5) by River Savage

In this little addition to the series, we are back with Nix and Kadence from book 1.

They are married, happy and have a new baby.

It is short, but managed to pack quite an emotional punch.

Now I am not a person who likes my HEA messed with after a book is done.

But here, it is so much messed with, more like serving to portray the love that Nix feels toward Kadence, and his determination to get them back to where they should be.

It is hard reading at times (especially as a person who suffered from PND after the birth of my second child, and did not ask for help till the baby was 6 months old) It can be easy to forget how this issue can affect the husband too.

I loved being in Nix’s head so much, seeing his fears, his love, his worry. And the struggle Kadence felt, the guilt, the pain, the anguish was very real.

Yet, even after Kadence sought help, and was on the way to recovering, Nix struggled, he had lost his confidence and was struggling. There is no easy fix for this.

All in, a great short read, that just made me fall in love with Nix more

Amazon Uk Link: Reclaimed: Knights Rebels MC


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