Last Hit: Reloaded (Hitman #2.5) by Jessica Clare

Last Hit: Reloaded (Hitman, #2.5)Last Hit: Reloaded by Jessica Clare
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Copy received via author in exchange for an honest review

So I think I made no secret of the fact in my Review of Last Hit I was like some creepy love child that had been spawned through the terrifying unholy union between a Belieber fan and a One Direction fan, stolen at birth and taken to a secret lab and injected with an extra special batch of crazy fangirlness and then let loose on the world to scream hysterically at those (via a youtube video recorded in my Dad’s shed) who did not love Nick as they SHOULD!

So, when I got offered the chance to R2R an ARC of this, you can imagine my reaction!

I loved and adored Nick in book 1. And I loved and adored him more in this book. But surprising myself, I loved and adored Daisy! (I liked her in book 1, do not get me wrong, but I was pretty much all about Nick)

How these two were trying to fit into a normal life, and be normal, while having no clue how to do this, just had my heart melting for them both!

I think for most of the book I was like this:

And Nick and his party idea so they could make friends!

Never mind them Nick, I will be your friend, pick me! PICK ME!!!!!

Nick just loves so completely, he lives and breathes for his Daisy, and Daisy just accepts him as who he was and is, with no recriminations at all.

As as is said about them in book 2 in this series. “Daisy and Nick were perfect for each other. He was a crazy psychopath and she didn’t know any better that he wasn’t normal”

So, an excellent little view into how Nick and Daisy are getting on and I loved it. I hope we get more tbh. LOVED IT

Amazon Uk Link: Last Hit: Reloaded: Novella (A Hitman Novel)


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