In Too Deep (The Castell Brothers #1) by Izzy Williams

In Too Deep (The Castell Brothers, #1)In Too Deep by Izzy Williams
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

★Book Basics★

Genre: – Cont. Romance
Series: – 1st in the series
Love triangle? – No
Cheating? – No
HEA? – Yes
Would I read more by this author/or in this series? – Yes
Rating – 3.5 rounded up to 4


So I actually read the second book in this series as a R2R a couple of months back. I was recently offered the chance to beta read book 3 in the series, which I jumped at as I have been wanting to read that brothers story.

I planned on grabbing this book first anyway, just to get the background and story on the brothers so far, but the author very kindly sent me a copy (not to R2R necessarily) so I could catch up (btw I do love a lovely author!)

At first I struggled to relate to the heroine – she is 20 and on holiday in Ibiza, so the first part of the book was filled a bit too much with them “clubbing” for me. Now I am, well before my time, a bit of a grumpy old woman- so, it had nothing to do with the quality of the writing, just me not being able to relate to that aspect.

But I did like Elsa and Xander. A bit of insta love going on, but it can work and does so here. I did get a bit fed up with Elsa demanding to know all of Xander’s secrets straight away – but then again I understood why she felt she needed to.

Xander I really liked, he fell so hard and fast for Elsa and was terrified of losing her. He had not had a proper relationship before her, and had a bit of a tragic past.

I did find myself wanting some Xander POV (again this is a preference thing as I love a male POV) but, again, not having it worked here, as we were kept in the dark as much as Elsa and finding out at the same time as she, what he was keeping hidden.

And then the last chapter, which was in Xander’s POV was such a lovely welcome surprise, I actually ended up loving how the author did that. And I love how it was Elsa who at the end made a big grand romantic gesture for Xander. I just smiled through that entire scene.

Again, as with book 2, the odd typo here and there, nothing major at all, and no worse than I have actually seen in some trad published books.

Given this book is the first in this series, and from what I can make out, the second the author has SP – I am overall impressed. In the Castell Brothers, she has made for an interesting set of brothers that I would love to read more of, and as a British reader, having British characters and terms (but not done in such a way as to alienate international readers), by a British author, I am rather happy to have discovered this series and author. (although I could have done with the term “willy” not being used! It should never be used by anyone over the age of 12 or so imo. It was a bit jarring for me. Dick or Cock, fine – Willy – just no. (It was only used twice though as far as I can remember)

Amazon Uk Link: In Too Deep (The Castell Brothers Book 1)


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