Don’t Make Me Beautiful by Elle Casey

Don't Make Me BeautifulDon’t Make Me Beautiful by Elle Casey
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

★Book Basics★

Genre: – Contemporary Romance
Series: – Stand Alone
Love triangle? – No
Cheating? – No
HEA? – Yes
Would I read more by this author? – Maybe
Rating – 2


At first this started off well, even though I am not a fan of present tense.

The switching of the chapters from Brian’s life to Nicole’s life was done very well. Offering some relief while serving to highlight the awfulness of Nicole’s life.

And I liked the last couple of chapters.

But the middle for me, was not good.

I expected a heartbreaking, but beautiful, heart warming tale of a woman overcoming abuse and an awful past to find love again.

Plot wise, it had the potential to be beautiful tale of strength, recovery and love.

Execution wise – it just was not pulled off for me.

I found myself questioning a lot of what happened and how and if that would happen in real life.

Within a couple of weeks of Brian having found Nicole, they are “in love” and involved in a physical relationship.

This is a woman, who has suffered years of abuse, has horrific injuries, missing damaged teeth, a nasal passage so messed up she cannot breath through it.

Yet the author has Brian flirting with her almost straight away. He makes her a huge part of his life, brings her into his home after a matter of days, a home he shares with his young son, yet, he lives just around the corner from her abuser, and the only contact Nicole had had with anyone other than her abusive boyfriend in years, was with Brian and his son, and the very next day she is saved. And Brian thinks that her abuser is not going to be suspicious about who exactly saved her and where she could be?

Nicole is in hospital, in ITU, with supposedly one of the worst cases of abuse the doctors have ever seen.

Yet after a day, some woman is barging in all “ITU care is expensive, it needs to be paid for” Now, I do not claim to have a knowledge of the US health system or exactly how it works – but that is not right surely. What would they have done if Brian was not there, pretending to be her brother? Chucked her out?

So she gets discharged, even though her injuries are pretty terrible, but she has no insurance, but apparently she can have some rehab as an outpatient (which never happens) No support is offered, no links to appropriate charities, help etc. Just off you go, you have no money.

But off she goes with super hero Brian, a perfect specimen of a man. Who seems to have some need to be needed.

At some point her abuser finds her, they both end up back in hospital and she is all of a sudden waiting on the DA to make a decision as to if she should be charged with a crime – “luckily” she does not get charged with a crime that could lead to jail time, but a lesser charge. Now, again, not an expert on US law, but I find it really hard to believe, given her situation and history, and given the donations flooding in for her, and the public sympathy she was getting at this point, that anyone would even think she should be charged with anything. She was being charged with being a helpless victim as far as I can see. It just seemed totally unbelievable and quite honestly just made me angry.

The police seemingly cannot do anything, even though they were at the house along with the ambulance, when she is rescued, know full well the state she was in, who’s house she was found in, but seem to be completely powerless to even find the bloke let alone question him.

Why put that in the book, to add more drama? More suspense?

Tbh, I just feel like the author bit off more than she could chew with this storyline. If you want to write it, you have to be able to really write it. Here I just felt detached from the 2 main characters. Brian especially, it all felt a bit too “perfect” and false, far far too quick.

I did like the last couple of chapters, and was pleased for the HEA.

But overall, I was not impressed. I just got the impression, given how quick it all happened and the insta love thing, that she would have fallen in love with whoever “rescued” her, and Brian just has the need to be the “hero” and save her. As if 5 years down the line, she no longer needs saving, or helped, and he is not needed in that way – then they will struggle being together.

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