Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain, #2) by Kristen Ashley

Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain, #2)Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 +++++ of 5 stars
5 stars even after a re read, although if I could it would be 6!

Not going to say much. But I love Tate, any man that can bond with a pretty cat has to be awesome!

Love Lauren, it is amazing to watch her grow and “find” herself with the help of Tate, and she was funny, loved when she re named Tate’s cat

“Wow” Carrie exclaimed and my body got tense again as I looked at my sister. “That is a pretty Kitty”

“Her name’s Princess Fancy Pants,” I blurted, Tate’s arm gave me a warning squeeze, I ignored it and finished. “She’s Tate’s”

Carrie’s eyes flew to Tate and she giggled. “You named your cat Princes Fancy Pants?”

“Her name is Buster,” Tate declared.

“I like Princess Fancy Pants better,” Carrie decided.

“Tell your sister, she calls my cat that, she’s ejected,” Tate said to me.

Slightly more suspenseful and chilling plot than book 1 in the series. Literally had me biting my nails, even on a re read and I knew what was coming!

Great cast of secondary characters.

And back to Lovely man Tate
“Baby, I think you don’t get this but you’re safe here……you’re safe Lauren…..You weren’t safe with him but, honey, swear to God, you’re safe with me”

Amazon UK Link: Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain Series Book 2)


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