Lone Wolf Standing (Men of Wolf Creek, #3) by Carla Cassidy

Lone Wolf Standing (Men of Wolf Creek, #3)Lone Wolf Standing by Carla Cassidy
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Copy received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review


★Book Basics★

Genre: – Contemporary Romance
Series: – Third in the Series
Writing – Third person Dual POV.
Main Characters: Sheri Marcoli – 26, the younger sister of the heroines from the previous books in the series. Feels like she is being watched and remains worried about the disappearance of her Aunt.
Detective Jimmy Carmani, wants to protect Sheri and as the youngest Detective, wants to still prove himself. Thinks he cannot fall in love due to his childhood.
Love triangle? – No
Cheating? – No
HEA? – Yes
Would I read more by this author? – Probably not
Rating – 2 Stars.


So, I will admit to not having read the first 2 in the series. Although I do not think you necessarily have to.

The main issue I had with this book though was the heroine Sheri! She is 26, apparently, but had the emotional maturity of a 13 year old when it came to her and her “Blonde Prince”

She came across more like an insipid Disney princess, along with her Animal sanctuary etc I actually started to picture her more like this!

It was just too too much how much she went on about this Blonde Prince of hers, that she could just sit and wait for, as he would find her….

“Highway is the main man in my life until my prince comes along………..my golden haired, blue eyed prince who will share this enchanted cottage in the woods with me for the rest of my life”

“I’m willing to wait until fate blows him in my direction”

Her children would all be blonde, like their father

“I don’t have to find him. He’ll find me when the time is right….You never know who might walk through that door….one of these days it will be the man of my dreams”

The last thing she wanted to do was feel an attraction to a man she was certain wasn’t the prince she was waiting for.

If she held on to her dreams of the perfect prince eventually finding her, then she couldn’t get any closer to Detective Hottie from Philly.

And on and on and on!

I am surprised she had not just locked herself away in a tower somewhere, as convinced she was this perfect prince would find her, she would have to put no effort in whatsoever, and this mythical prince held all her future happiness on the palm of his princely hands!

Not an awful lot happens for the first 50% other than they thinking “oh no poor Aunt Liz has disappeared oh well, 3 months has gone, all hope is lost, best get on with life” repeatedly giving us the same information about who is who, who is missing and how they are related to whoever. Jimmy thinking to himself about how, he nearly had love at eight years old….about 20 billion times, before he decided to stop being vague and mysterious about it.

Finally, in the last 25% something actually really happens, and then it is all wrapped up very neatly and in a short space of time.

I found Sheri annoying and frustrating and silly, and while I liked Jimmy, there was not enough of him.

I also struggled with how they decide to be friends, and then 2-3 weeks later (and 2-3 weeks after they had properly truly met) Jimmy is confessing his love for her! The 26 year old woman who admitted the first time they talked, she was waiting for a blonde prince, and referred to her house as an enchanted cottage!

Amazon UK Link: Lone Wolf Standing (Mills & Boon Romantic Suspense) (Men of Wolf Creek – Book 3)


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