Inheritance (Diamond Books #1) by Zoey DuBois

Inheritance (Diamond Books, #1)Inheritance by Zoey DuBois
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Copy received in exchange for an honest review


★Book Basics★

Genre: – Contemporary Romance
Series: – First in a yet to be finished series.
Writing – Third Person Multiple POV.
Main Characters: Mel – 26, just out of a bad relationship and in need of a job and a home. Shy and unsure of herself
Dominic Diamond – 34, sex addict and running from his fate of join the family business. Filled with self hatred, he finds himself for the first time wanting more than a one night stand with Mel.
Love triangle? – No
Cheating? – No. However – There are some sex scenes with a couple of other women at the start, before Dom and Mel even really know each other, and a scene toward the end, when Dom and Mel are not together
HEA? – More of a HFN really, as it is left open ended, and their story continues in the second book
Would I read more by this author? – Yes
Rating – 4.5 rounded up to 5 stars.


I have to admit, the first 10% or so, I thought this might be a skim read.

Mainly as I am not a huge fan of having POV written from anything other than the 2 main characters, or the “hero” having sex scenes with other women.

However, I soon got into it, and the one chapter from the POV of a secondary character coupled with the actions of Dom, were used to help the reader really get a feel for Dom, and how complicated and messed up he really is.

Given the very short time scale in this book – it takes place over a week – it helped the reader get to paint a picture of Dom, before Mel ever truly got to know him. And given some of what happens in the book, that is needed.

Dom is deeply flawed, screwed up and has a terrible opinion of himself. He is sinking down, until Mel walks into his book shop looking for a job.

Mel, is unsure of herself, shy, broken, yet the two of them form a connection that they cannot deny.

It is a very raw and real, at times almost sad story.

Have to admit, something happened around the 62% mark, that I could not see them coming back from, but, it was handled brilliantly, and the author was not afraid to make her Hero grovel

It had certain unique vibe to it. Something I have not come across before. A quirky eccentric style to it. I am probably not explaining myself very well here, and hence this is why I will never be a writer I suppose.

It is an interesting, different, emotional read and you fall in love with both Dom and Mel and really wanted it to work out for them.

Now, I am not usually a fan of the trilogies, or a series about just one couple, I like my HEA from one book and for it not to be messed with. But I cannot wait for the rest of Mel and Dom’s story. (although please please do not split them up in the next book! I am a wimp and cannot handle it, and if it happens I shall be crying big ugly tears into my tea and kit kat!)

Also, for some reason, this book has made me want to go and re watch Black Books!

Amazon UK Link: Inheritance: 1 (Diamond Books)


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