Heart of Ash (Tryst Island #4) by Sabrina York

Heart of Ash (Tryst Island, #4)Heart of Ash by Sabrina York
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

★Book Basics★

Genre: – Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: – Fourth in the series.
Writing – Third person Dual POV
Main Characters: Emily Donahue, naive, inexperienced and all round do gooder. Believes in waiting for her “Prince Charming”. Feels she has found the one in Ash.
Ash Bristol has been burned in the past by women, and has decided he is only going to do one night stands from now on (even if the woman is not aware of this)
Love triangle? – No
Cheating? – No
HEA? – Yes
Would I read more by this author? – Yes
Rating – 2 stars.


This is by far my least favourite of the series.

And it is all down to Ash!

I am not sure how I am meant to like a man, who lies to a woman to get her alone with him, then fakes an engine failure, so she then has to remain alone with him over night, then proceeds to constantly top her up with wine so she is good and tipsy, all so he can get his one night stand, that he fails to inform the woman, is actually a one night stand!

He starts the book like this:

And then in an effort to make me feel sorry for him he gets all:

Seriously, not even nearly killing off his dad, and adding in an even bigger “villain” in the form of a would be rapist, so that 1, I might feel sorry for Ash, and 2, realise he is not so bad next to an actual raping idiot is going to work to make me think this man is not a creep!

It got better, once he realised he is a creep, and him being a creep and punishing all of womankind for the transgressions of the 2 mentioned women in the book who did him wrong, did not make him a tortured poor little soul, but a dickwad user.

And the issue, I feel with the series, is that, the books are rather short, and it is all about a group of friends, so in an effort to make each person a completely different person, then that is all they are. Bella, is just a hard nosed cow, and that is all she provides. She remains unlikable even from her own book and the previous ones, as that is all she has to offer. Emily, here is all airy fairy and naive, and again, that is all she has to offer. That is her set personality. So in an effort to make each book different, and the main characters from each book have very distinct personalities, it feels almost like they become caricatures of themselves. There is nothing else to them.

A disappointing 2 stars – but meh, you cant like them all I suppose!

Amazon UK Link: Heart of Ash (Tryst Island Series Book 4)


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