Dangerous Secrets (Dangerous, #2) by Lisa Marie Rice

Dangerous Secrets (Dangerous, #2)Dangerous Secrets by Lisa Marie Rice
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Ok, normally I have to go into reading a LMR book with a certain level of suspension of disbelief.

However, this one took the biscuit!

The typical LMR male and female lead, with the typical Instant love/attraction and the same sex scenes over and over.

However, and this is where it got too much into the realm of impossibility for me We are meant to believe they meet on the 18th November, start a relationship, get married a few days later, he for some reason fakes his own death, she buries him on the 28th, and 3 days later he comes back from the dead, and she is already suffering morning sickness, from the one time they had sex with no condom early on in their relationship (but would be ok as it was the wrong time of the month apparently). Now, some things I can overlook, but that was ridiculous and at this point I skipped to the end.

I have tried, and indeed like LMR books, but I think I am done now. It is quite often the same scenes and phrases in each book, the characters are usually carbon copies of the others in other books. But, yep, I am done now.

Amazon Uk Link: Dangerous Secrets (Dangerous series)


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