Breathe (Colorado Mountain #4) by Kristen Ashley

Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4)Breathe by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5++++ of 5 stars
5 great stars still following a re read.

Honestly, did not know what to make of Chace in Lady Luck.

And, even at the start of Breathe, I was unsure.

However, it became obvious, this was a man, who held a lot of guilt over what had gone down.

All he had ever wanted, had been snatched away from him, with the help of his own father, a man he had moved away from and defied so he could go his own way and have the life he wanted. Then this is taken from him. He had had a plan, an idea of how he wanted his life, and, as becomes obvious later in the story, who he wanted to make this life with. And then all that is gone.

He had to live 6 years with a woman he despises, as it was her greed and spoilt nature, wanting something she could not have that lead to him being dragged down. She enters his home, the home he had bought to be his happy family home with his happy family life, and expects him to fall in love with her. She will “make his home, their home” So Chace, lives his life as if she is not in it, makes no bones about it, does not lie about it, so when something happens to the woman he has made obvious for 6 years, that he hates, he feels the guilt of that. Rightly or wrongly.

Breathe is about Chace, about how a man, who is holding so much guilt, feels dirty and tainted for what he was forced to do to protect a fragile woman, and how even though, when he could take no more of the filth surrounding him, and did the right thing, he still felt filthy and dirty and undeserving of the praise that came his way.

Was he an ass to Faith at the start – yes.
Did he feel guilty for it even at the time – yes.
Could I forgive him for it – yes, as in a way he was protecting himself, and trying to protect Faye from the filth he feels he is covered in.

Chace is a man with a very low opinion of himself.

And Faye, lovely and sweet, has been waiting for her hero for 29 years, even when she thought her hero was lost to her for good. She may have been inexperienced at men and relationships, but she was not a pushover. She stands up to Chace when he is battling his demons and pushing her away, making it clear she is not down with that and will not stand for it. She makes it clear she had Chace’s back, and will protect him if need be, and help him battle his demons!

In a way Faye is the true hero of this story. She stands up for and tried to help Chace before they have even truly “met”, then with her father, she defends him, she battles her own shyness and insecurities to help him battle his demons, she battles the view Chace has of himself and helps him see himself as someone who is a good man, and even though he was forced into a situation he hated, he remained a good man throughout.

It is a beautiful, funny, poignant story of redemption and perseverance.

But I did laugh over the wookipedia and Darth Vader thing! Faye is funny when she is riled.

Amazon UK Link: Breathe (Colorado Mountain Series Book 4)


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