What Happens In Vegas…. Doesn’t Always Stay There (The Porter Brothers) by Terry Towers

What Happens In Vegas.... Doesn't Always Stay There (The Porter Brothers)What Happens In Vegas…. Doesn’t Always Stay There by Terry Towers
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Complimentary copy received via netgalley in exchange for an honest review


I was quite excited to start this one.

However, I felt it was not exactly what the book blurb promised.

“How can she forget what happened in Vegas, when the two men who brought her to such heights of pleasure refuse to let her go so easily? Even if she does decide to open her heart to them, how can she make a choice between the two amazing brothers, both intent on winning her affections? Or maybe she doesn’t have to…”

Which to me strongly hinted at it being a M/F/M relationship in the end.

However, this was not the case and it was more of a love triangle!

And I really dislike love triangles.

I also struggled to like Dane or Genevieve.

Dane, who just came across like an ass, hated homeless people (which as a cop, who is supposed to protect and help people was a bit harsh) and even stopped Genevieve giving a homeless man some money! And Genevieve was not his usual “club hooch” and her being inexperienced was a bonus to him. If there is something I hate in books it is the “man tart” thinking he is too good for the women who act just like he does, and then wants the near virginal women for himself when it comes down to settling down, while having no respect for the other women.

And Ginny I struggled with, maybe it was the obsession with designer labels, I just do not get, or the fact she was playing one brother off against the other, even after knowing their history and how a woman had in the past led to them not talking. But she carried this on for weeks, only stopping when she was found out, and even though she claimed to think she knew which brother she wanted.

The only sympathetic character here I liked was Graham, who quite frankly gets introduced as a character and a love interest too far in to the book, and we do not even get a POV from him till nearly 30%

The constant POV switches happened too often for me, and there was the odd occasion where we get on scene from one person, then the same scene from the other person POV.

I felt like there should have been a scene with Ginnys ex fiancée, some sort of closure given to that.

Formatting wise, at one point, the font went HUGE. I had it on the smallest setting on the kindle, but it was still just randomly big!

All in a disappointing, not what it promised from the book blurb 2 stars.

Amazon Uk Link: What Happens In Vegas… Doesn’t Always Stay There.: The Porter Brothers


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