Until Trevor (Until #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Trevor (Until, #2)Until Trevor by Aurora Rose Reynolds
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

I preferred this one over the 1st in the series, that I really struggled with!

Maybe it was the h, who pulled up the H and told him the way he treated women was disgusting! Although the whole “flat tire” incident made me like her too!

Maybe because they also had some history as friends, so when they got together and he had her moved in so quick did not bug me so much.

I did not notice in this, unlike the 1st one, the past/present tense switching. Maybe it happened, I did not notice!

Same issue though, with punctuation, sometimes speech mark were missing.

Will I read the 3rd book, Cash’s story? Yes, 1. because I went and bought all 3 books in one go before even picking up the first book. And 2, I actually want to read Cash’s story after the events in this book! She got me interested! I feel this may be a slowly improving author for me.

Amazon UK Link: Until Trevor (Until Series Book 2)


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