Until November (Until #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until November (Until, #1)Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Ok, so this was a weird one!

I have seen so many good reviews from friends and groups I am in about this series.

But,there was just something that about this book that I did not connect to!

November – did not get her, she was a bit too “kooky” or she was meant to be. I am not sure. All the jumping up and down and clapping her hands! She was a bit daft too – 3 months, 3 months she did not have a period and never wondered about it, even though she was putting on weight and could not fasten her jeans properly. Also, why would she bump into her mother, in a town her mother has either never been to, or not been to in years, and just be like “oh right” when the Mom says she has business with a lawyer in town. When the lawyer in town is dealing with the million dollar inheritance that November is getting from her grandparents! Would you not be slightly suspicious?

The insta love!? No. She is moved in within like 2 days of meeting this guy! And we get introduced to loads of ppl near the start, that are pretty much never mentioned again!

It was a weird mix of past and present tense! It even changed within a sentence. It was missing punctuation in points.

The writing is very disjointed and jumps all over the place. Not only do we have time jumps, when all of a sudden, it is a certain length of time ahead, then we get the case of the character giving us a run down of what has happened,etc, just telling us…ok, I do not mind that, and when done well, is ok. It was not done well here!

And that is almost constant! When it does not need to be. You do not need to jump ahead half an hour, then go back telling us what happened. For example

After Trevor is out of sight, I run to the checkout with Liz falling behind me.

“You guard the door while I take the test.” I tell Liz while walking into the small stall.

“Let me know if you need me” she says from the other side.

“Holy shit” I whisper. There is it, proof I wanted is right there in black and white. Okay, pink and white, but it is there in my face, proving that I’m an idiot. I’ve taken four tests, all different brands, so I know they couldn’t all be wrong. When I bought the first one and it came out with a giant plus sign, I left the stall that I had been holding up in.

With Liz following behind me, we went and bought water from the coffee shop and a few more tests. Now all the tests have been taken……

It just makes for a jarring and disjointed read, that constantly pulls you out of the story and you are constantly having to readjust your thinking as to what and when something is happening! There was one point I thought I had been missing a chapter…all of a sudden, Trevor and Liz are like best friends, whereas they had not even met just the page before. It just jumped ahead, and it was like “Oh Liz and Trev are tight” and I am just like “since when!?

Character development is poor! As awful as November’s background is, you would expect more from that..how it truly affected her. Did not seem to bother her all that much in all honesty! She seemed more bothered by her Mom sleeping with her finance than any other abuse she suffered as a child!

And, why, why in some books, does our h have to have nearly every man make a play for her, because she is so different! This town she moved to, weird. Other than her and Liz, it seems every other girl is a slut! A whiny slut. The men are sluts too, but apparently that is ok, because they are men! And they can call the other women, bitches and sluts, and treat them like crap, because they are bitches and sluts. The men do not think of themselves as sluts, oh no, because they are men! They are never ever going to have a relationship with any of these women they have been sleeping with, because they think they are too good for them, they will wait for the sweet, innocent non slut girl to come along. it is all a bit weird and misogynistic and quite frankly happens far too often in books. It is all rather sad tbh! It just puts me off an author.

However, I have already bought the next 2 in the series, and shall give them a go and see if it improves!

Amazon Uk Link: Until November (Until Series Book 1)


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