Until Lilly (Until #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Lilly (Until, #3)Until Lilly by Aurora Rose Reynolds
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

After seeing a lot about this series on the group boards and from friends, I picked up all 3 in one go when the first 2 were reduced.

Book 1, I really did not like! Book 2 was slightly better, but I had no strong feeling about it either way!

This book was so much better!

I liked Cash and Lilly so much more.

Cash had not spent the last few years of his life being a man tart (unlike his brothers!)

He was determined to get Lilly back, and his pain at having lost her and hurt her felt real.

And Lilly, she did not just fall into some “man fog” where his kiss made her forget all good sense and just go along with what the man said. Also, she thought what I was thinking about November, July, May and June! Thankfully!

Again though, editing needs to be better, speech marks were missing, and at the end, in the epilogue, what was meant to be Lilly’s POV was actually titled “Sophie” (Who is the h for the next book and we get a teaser chapter for Nico and Sophie’s story)

Time jumps, I felt this book suffered for the time jumps! I wanted the scenes where Jax and Cash together come to Lilly and Ashlyns house, how that went! I wanted the first few weeks of them being back together and the issues they had that and blending together as a family. But after the first week of them being back together (which we jump ahead during also) we all of a sudden jump ahead 2 months. For me, I wanted that time.

But in saying that, this book had some great humorous moments.

My favourite being when Cash “met” Lilly’s parents over skype

I suck my lips into my mouth, trying not to burst out laughing. My dad is wearing his hunting gear. His short hair is slicked away from his face, and under his eyes are black smudges of paint. He also has his shotgun out and his hunting knife in a knife holster under his arm


“Dad, why are you wearing that?”

“Well, I thought that I should let this young man here know that I was a seal. I know how to go into places and get out unnoticed. I know how to kill someone before they even know I’m there. And I know how to-“

“yeah yeah, I know, but what does that have to do with your hunting gear?”

“He can’t fit into his uniform” my mom chimes in. “trust me honey, he tried. Even tried to have me button him up, and it was still a no go”

So, will I be getting book 4 about Nico and Sophie! yes, she got me hooked with the teaser chapter at the end! So while the series was a bit of a dud start for me….I will be continuing to read it!

Amazon Uk Link: Until Lilly: Until Lilly (Until Series Book 3)


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