The Sweetest Thing (Lucky Harbor #2) by Jill Shalvis

The Sweetest Thing (Lucky Harbor, #2)The Sweetest Thing by Jill Shalvis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
The second book in the Lucky Harbour series!

Again an excellent 5 star read!

As with book 1, I just read it with a smile on my face.

It is warm, funny, light and so touching in places!

There is not a character here you cannot fall in love with and fall in love with their story!

I am not dreading turning a page, wondering what misunderstanding the H/h are going to have, or what drama is next to unfold! I don’t have a headache at the end due to too much angst or drama or stupid misunderstandings! Or from quite frankly too much going on!

I feel refreshed, and happy and relaxed after reading. It is like a long hot bubble bath, with wine and candles and silence, but in book form!

I cannot recommend this series enough! Perfection!

Amazon UK Link: The Sweetest Thing: Number 2 in series (Lucky Harbor)


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