The Submission Gift (LA Doms #2) by Solace Ames

The Submission Gift (LA Doms, #2)The Submission Gift by Solace Ames
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Copy received in exchange for an honest review


This was much better than I expected!

I read M/M/F and M/F/M and in all honesty, while I like a good story to go with it, it is rare to get a true emotional journey along with that.

This was a full length novel and offers quite a bit more then you would expect from the synopsis!

Is it going to be for everyone? Even those that read M/M/F – no, it is not. It blurs gender lines and skirts the edge of what a lot of people would be comfortable with.

But, there was something almost brutally honest, raw and real about it. There are three people, who are all rather comfortable in their sexuality and what they need and want. And honest enough to realise that, maybe they cannot be all the other needs.

At the basis is the strong love between Jay and Adriana. They know who they are, know they love each other, know they will always be together, but are strong enough to be able to reach out for that something more. Something that can provide what they cannot for each other.

That something else being Paul.

It was a slow burn, a lazy build up that almost had you into a daze as you read.

They all had baggage and issues and vulnerabilities. At times they all felt unworthy of love.

How they blended together and went from a couple and a paid “rent boy” to a true poly relationship was honest. Fears from all three and issues that need talking through. Fear that what they were building could not be real, or it would not last. Or they would lose something of themselves along the way.

And I loved Jay! Quite frankly any man who manages to get himself “cockblocked by the feds” over a Betty Boop argument is my kind of man!

I loved all three of the main characters, but I fell in love with Jay first and best!

Amazon Uk Link: The Submission Gift (LA Doms)


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