The Soldier’s Lady by Jordan Silver

The Soldier's LadyThe Soldier’s Lady by Jordan Silver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I love, and I mean really love stories that are mainly from the Male POV! Especially when that Male makes it ever so clear what his feelings are!

Caleb McNamara knows what he wants, his dick knows what it wants (I for some reason love a man who talks to his own dick and gives it a little voice and mind of its own! If I had one, you can bet I would do the same!)

As with most Jordan Silver Male characters, he is ott bossy, sexy possessive and alpha to the extreme!

He will be in control, will not take any crap, and will spank your ass if you get out of line! **sigh**

It was beautiful how much he wanted to boost Melissa’s self esteem, and he truly believed he was the lucky one to have found her, and it was never the other way around!

A great 4 stars for me!

Amazon Uk Link: The Soldier’s Lady


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