The Dom Project (LA Doms #1) by Solace Ames

The Dom Project (LA Doms, #1)The Dom Project by Heloise Belleau
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Copy received by author in exchange for an honest review.


Oh I love a good Friends to lovers story.

And I really liked this story.

Robin Lessing is successful and assured by day, and at night blogs as “The Picky Submissive” about her search for the perfect Dom.

John Sun is her best friend, and unknown to Robin, an experienced Dom.

So what happens when you discover your best friend, who you love, is hiding something, something you want and need?

What I really liked about this book, is that Robin is fully aware of her submissive nature, and has an idea of what she likes and does not like when it comes to a Dom and what she wants. In her search for the perfect Dom, you can tell she is in control of it, has the power to say no and tell a guy to back off.

Unlike so many BDSM book, she is not a naive little thing, with no clue that she is submissive who happens to come across a Man, who is a Dom, who then overwhelms her, tells her she is submissive and off they go with the Dom in the driving seat!

This is not what this book is about. These two are friends, and approach this as friends. They decide to conduct an experiment “The Dom Project” to fully explore what exactly Robin likes and dislikes.

It is not dark, it is a lovely, cute, enjoyable story about two friends discovering something about each other and themselves.

I had some little niggles. I felt, with her blog and her internal musings, sometimes Robin over analysed what was happening and what she liked/disliked (but then, it was about finding what she liked). And while we do get Johns thoughts about what is going on, I felt he was more of an intriguing character and wanted to spend more time in his head as opposed to Robins. But then, I always seem to prefer the H in a book over the h (women are so hard on other women!)

All in, it is a great story, the trust and love between these two is lovely. Neither want to lose the friendship, but when it becomes clear that there is a chemistry they cannot deny that. It is obvious how much they mean to each other.

I have read book 2 in this series, written just by Solace Ames (although be aware it is not as light as this book) and I really enjoyed that book. There is something very real about how these books are written. You can imagine it happening. It is not some “rich man brandishing a whip” fantasy that just never happens! These are just people, like every other person, with the same hopes, dreams and issues that plague the rest of us.

Solace Ames is fast becoming an auto buy for me.

Amazon Uk Link: The Dom Project (LA Doms)


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