The Club: Bound (The Club #1) by Suzy Shearer

The Club: Bound (The Club, #1)The Club: Bound by Suzy Shearer
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Copy received in exchange for an honest review


Argh! I hate to say it, but this book just was not for me.

I can read insta lust/love and be okay with it, but for me, it just did not ring true here.

I also struggled with some aspects of the “Club”.

She is informed she is wearing Green, which means she is a spectator, and hence no one is to touch her in anyway without her consent!

Yet, the boss of the club, who she agrees to be in a scene with, lies to her, says it will be him, and no audience!

Yet he swaps with another guy while she is blindfolded, and there is an audience! Makes a whole mockery of her being safe, in the safest Club in the town, and her having to give her consent! It just annoyed me.

Yet the Boss of the Club and his wife, see no wrong in their actions, and blame the other guy for everything that happened after!

And again, personal preference, for me sometimes the dialogue was written very formally.

Such as:

“That is good to know”
“It is okay, you do not…”

Again, this is a personal preference I am sure, but I found it rather jarring at times and it brought me out of the story!

But, I liked Paul, I liked their HEA, I just wish that maybe their relationship had took a bit longer to reach that point, so it felt more real.

Amazon Uk Link: The Club: Bound (Siren Publishing Allure)


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