Sweet Seduction Sacrifice (Sweet Seduction #1) by Nicola Claire

Sweet Seduction Sacrifice (Sweet Seduction, #1)Sweet Seduction Sacrifice by Nicola Claire
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Ok, I have been struggling between a 3 or 4 star for this. I liked it, certain parts I really liked, but other parts, to be quite honest, I just did not get!

It had a very KA Rock Chick vibe, but after about 20% I found myself no longer noticing, or looking for similarities, and was drawn into the story.

First things first, the h mentions the name of her shop, over 100 times! it is constant and too much by the end.
My dream Sweet Seduction, my dream, Sweet Seduction, Sweet Seduction
We even get it in the epilogue
I nearly lost my dream, Sweet Seduction
and I am just like, bloody hell woman, I know! I know it is your dream and it is called Sweet Seduction! Just say my shop, once! I think the name of the shop, is mentioned 4 times in the space of 1 paragraph at one point!

Also, why is she convinced she only gets one dream? You know, her dream, Sweet Seduction. She had a good childhood, loving parents, a protective older brother!

We are lead to believe, it is due to the ex! Who at the start is made out to be nothing more than a bit of a buffoon, that she does not much like, and thinks took her for a bit of a ride, but nothing too much to write home about. By the end of the book he is a kidnapping emotionally abusive git! It just never came across as enough, for the relationship, whilst it was a relationship and before the book started, to have beaten her down so much, she thinks she only gets one dream ever, and is undeserving of anything else.

For about half of the book, she constantly says she would do anything to save her shop ( and no I am no going to name it!!) even go back to the dickhead ex! Yet, part of the reason she loves her shop so much, was because it was a haven away from said dickhead ex! So ok! But, it is her dream, her only dream,, she will do anything to save it! Even make the rest of her life miserable!

But, I did like the h, Gen, thought she was a bit daft and rather tapped in the head at points, but I was willing to go with it, as despite it all, I still rather liked her.

Her wondering how a man, who has manicured nails is going to protect her, and when he does got all macho rambo she is;

“Didn’t think you had it in you…What with the manicures and silk shirts and highly polished shoes”

And Dominic! I love a man who is not afraid to lay it out and lay himself bare! He was so loving and tactile and perfectly willing to help Gen through her issues, even while not letting on that he was doing so, so as to keep her at ease and not freak out.

But, there were certain things in the book that came across as very contrived and forced purely to force in a bit of tension.

For example:

1. The first time she meets his sister, Gen gets the wrong end of the stick, as for some reason, Dom does not introduce them, Gen thinks she must be his wife (even though there have been no other hints he had a wife) and she can storm off, just for Dom to come and accuse her of being rude (although he had been rude not introducing them to each other), says Katie (the sister) holds a special place in his heart (again not a term I would think you would use for your sister, but it kept the whole scene going longer) and then it is resolved in a cpl of pages.

2. The ex, sends Gen a picture of Dom cuddling a woman, to throw in a bit of tension that again lasts a couple of pages and is then explained away.

3. The whole pill situation! Given we have a lawyer and a business owner, they never discuss contraception and do no use any condoms right from the start. But this all leads up to Dom being told by a nurse, after Gen has been hospitalized, that she has missed a couple of her normal medications and they will not be as effective. The nurse does not tell him what this medication is, and coming off the back of his mad ex having gone loco again after being released from the mental health hospital, and had stalked him and gone cray cray when she came off her medication, led to him jumping to the wrong conclusion! Obviously! When he asks Gen about her medication, and what can he expect to look out for the next week, Gen does not put 2 and 2 together to come up with the reasonable answer, that is glaringly obvious, given you only the day before, really had the discussion about said whacky ex and what her coming off the meds meant, but Dom is saying stuff like “I need to know what to expect over the next few days after you missing your meds”

No Gen comes up with 346 and thinks this means that Dom is morally opposed to women “taking care of themselves” and being on the contraceptive pil!! **sigh** Just why! But again, it led to some slight tension that was resolved in a couple of pages!

And, I do not believe for one minute, that Doms brother, some sort of security/pi super expert, with a pretty good reputation, would offer Gen up on a plate, even if it is to swap for his sister, and say that Gen would be wired and shadowed and kept safe, when it was clear to all, she was going to end up rather hurt! He seriously had no other way in his arsenal of security/pi badness!?

But, given all that, I did really like the book (no really!), I liked the main characters and I liked the secondary characters. So, it is a 3.5 stars for me, as I did enjoy it. It just had a fair share of eye rolling moments for me.

Amazon Uk Link: Sweet Seduction Sacrifice (Sweet Seduction, Book 1)


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