Shame on You (Fool Me Once, #1) by Tara Sivec

Shame on You (Fool Me Once, #1)Shame on You by Tara Sivec
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I was rather disappointed in this book in all honesty!

I loved the Chocolate Lovers series! Loved it!

But this book just left me vaguely annoyed.

Kennedy O’Brien found out her husband was cheating, and dislikes her husbands best friend Griffin Crawford, (who was apparently also one of her Best Friends) as she thinks he knew about the affair all along.(although at one point she says she found out that Griffin knew all along a few months after she kicked the ex out, then literally a couple of pages later, she is thinking that the very day she discovered he ex cheating, she went to Griffin, and then overheard him on the phone, telling he ex to keep quiet about it all and not tell her!)

The thing is, I just did not like Kennedy!

Am not sure where she is supposed to have met her 2 best friends, who she started her agency with, they seem to have no history! it is mentioned that as a teen, young adult she hung around with her brothers, cousins, Griffin and her EX, as they were in the army or similar and all liked to go off and do manly things I suppose like wrestle bears while naked and covered in war paint. Ok, I am just assuming that, but it is mentioned enough times how none girly she is!

And given her complete derision for anything girly why she would be friends with these two other women is beyond me!

Was just a major plot contrivance to be able to get 3 books out of this I think!

She is an awful mother! Implying her 12 year old daughter is slutty and looks like a streetwalker! Clearly preferring the younger girl over the older one, as she had failed to make the older one exactly like her as apparently she knows “You’re not supposed to force your children to be like you, but come on, what parent doesn’t at least try?” Well, any other decent parent!! Ugh

But that is ok, because soon she manages to get the kids out of the way, when the crappy ex who has not seen them in ages, shows up and she chucks her kids at them, then keeps telling him to keep them longer so she can sort out her sex life basically!

There was no depth to the characters at all. I have no sense of who Griffin was as a person, other then a nice ass in jeans and rode a Harley! And what I knew about Kennedy, I did not like!

It all felt a bit forced, ridiculous and plain daft!

Amazon Uk Link: Shame On You (Fool Me Once Book 1)


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