Seeing Red (Hearts and Minds, #3) by Holley Trent

Seeing Red (Hearts and Minds, #3)Seeing Red by Holley Trent
My rating: 1 of 5 stars
Complimentary copy received from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Ok, I have honestly never ever struggled to finish a book so much!

I had to stop and put it down for a long weekend, as I just got bored and re read some old favourites!

I picked it up again, and still nearly DNF it!

The issue I had was the main female character!

Megan! She marries some poor bloke (then sort of resents him for agreeing to it in the first place)

Her reasons for the “pretend” marriage are so she does not have to be “poor Meg” any more in the press!

Ok, Seth agreed to it, for reasons of his own (that I never felt really rang true, maybe more from him or being in his head more might have helped, but I am never quite sure he really had these feelings for Meg, and indeed, if he really did, questioned his IQ was as high as it was supposed to be!) But he was a rather flat character all in. He needed more to him, and to stand up for himself or something! Not just let himself be used!

So Meg, marries the sacrificial Lamb….errr..I mean Seth, lets her four year old son attend the wedding, lets her four year old son whose actual father has petty much abandoned him get attached to Seth, knowing it was temporary all so she can, oh I don’t know, save face somehow!

She then pretty much uses Seth to masturbate on a few times, seriously, that was what it read like! Not actual sex between two people – is more about how things affect her – then decides she wants to be with him after all after her mother has a talk with her and pretty much persuades her to give it a go as he is a better man than her first husband!

The End!

I finished reading the book hoping for Seth’s sake it did not work out!

At points even her group of friends did not even seem to like her very much!

Oh, but I did like her brother Stephen! But that is pretty much it!

Amazon Uk Link: Seeing Red (Hearts and Minds)


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