Seeing Blind by Katie Allen

Seeing BlindSeeing Blind by Katie Allen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Reviewed after a re read.

And again,another enjoyable read by Katie Allen.

Cassie recently moved to the small town of Napping, where she thought she had managed to escape from her psychic visions.

Ty is the local sherrif, who had been nursing a crush on Cassie ever since she had moved to town.

When Cassie suffers a new vision on the side of the road, and the sheriff is informed she had been acting strange, he finds her to make sure she is ok, and the attraction they both have felt for each other cannot be denied any longer.

I love when you get a hot sexy man, who is a bit bossy, grumpy, yet oddly shy and vulnerable and Ty is the perfect mix of that.

Cassie, I love too, and her trying to work out what the vision means, save the person it is about, while not letting on that she is psychic, so she is not again hounded out of a home made for some fun.

Cassie and Ty had some great banter and were a lovely couple together.

“You’re still in a hell of a lot of trouble.”
The threatening rumble made Cassie smile. “I know. I will take my punishment like a man.”
Ty pulled back a little so he cold raise an eyebrow at her grinning face. “Saying it like that makes me a little uncomfortable”

The town of Napping and all the residents made for a fun and enjoyable read.

Great banter, an interesting plot and likeable characters make for a fun read that I do not have to think to hard about. A great light 5 star read.

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