Rebound (Tryst Island #1) by Sabrina York

Rebound (Tryst Island, #1)Rebound by Sabrina York
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Complimentary copy received through Netgally in exchange for an honest review.


For such a short read, I rather enjoyed this book.

“You know Kristi, I cant remember a time when we were both…single”
Her heart seized. “What?”…
“Think about it. Since the day we met, one of us was always in a relationship”


“I was thinking we could play for something”
“A kiss maybe?”

So what happens when two friends, both single at the same time for the first time, decide to act on the attraction they feel for each other?

As I say, a very quick, but hot and sexy enjoyable read. I love when we get the H pov as well as the h. I like to see how emotionally involved they are in what is happening too, and it certainly added something here, a depth to the relationship that might have otherwise been lacking, given the shortness of the book and the time-scale involved in the story. In fact, Cam as a character was very endearing.

For a short book, for me, there were a couple too many secondary characters introduced or spoken about. I found myself having to flip back a couple of times to remind myself of who a person was and their connection to the main characters.

Also, some of the terminology used, for certain body parts was a bit, well, 80’s Mills and Boon.

For example: “Milky Globes” “Tingling slit” “Stiff pike” “Creamy depths” It was a bit jarring at times.

It also ended rather abruptly.

There were a few formatting issues – line breaks in the middle of a sentence sometimes for example, and could have done with proper page breaks between Chapters. If this was just a kindle issue I am unsure.

However, I did enjoy the book, and this is a new to me author, but, I will be continuing on with the series, as a couple of secondary characters caught my interest and I would love to read their story.

Amazon UK Link: Rebound (Tryst Island Series Book 1)


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