Raw Footage by Katie Allen

Raw FootageRaw Footage by Katie Allen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Again another fun, light read by Katie Allen.

This time we have no nonsense Lily Brown and her next door neighbour, scarred yet sexy Roberto Gutierrez.

When her ever in trouble foster brother Mikey lands on her doorstep, bringing trouble with him, Lily finds herself turning to Rob to help her.

I loved Lily – I wish we had had a bit more of her with her work colleagues – it was funny.

She is a no nonsense kind of girl – in and out of foster homes as a child and likes things ordered and in their place.

Rob is her next door neighbour, and they have both had the hots for each other for months, but neither able to bring themselves to do something about it.

But when trouble starts to follow Lily, Rob is the one who helps her out.

The one thing I will say with this book, I wish we had had more from Rob, from what happened to him at 16, to how he was the man he was today. It was clearly hinted at by his family, that it had had some effect – and they were surprised he dated (and it came across as if he had never dated) but he clearly was not a virgin – so a little bit more of his history and how it had effected him over the years would have added something more.

However, if you want a nice light read, not at all angsty and you know you are going to get a lovely HEA, then you cannot go wrong here.

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