One-Two Punch by Katie Allen

One-Two PunchOne-Two Punch by Katie Allen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Reviewed after re read.

There is something about Katie Allen and how she writes that I just love!

Her heroes are an endearing mix of bossy, alpha and vulnerability!

Loved Harry, loved Ky and loved Beth.

Beth has had a crush on Harry for weeks and eventually builds up the nerve to go into his Gym to “join”.

Soon her and Harry are a couple, and fall hard and heavy. Then Ky, an ex military friend of Harry’s turns up, and how they get from a couple to a threesome is a sweet story of undenied lust and love.

Add in a little drama, humorous banter and it is hugely enjoyable read.

It is a great light hot endearing read.

Amazon Uk Link: One-Two Punch


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