One Night with Her Ex by Lucy King

One Night with Her ExOne Night with Her Ex by Lucy King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Copy received through netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


A hugely enjoyable 4 stars.

This is the story of Kit and Lily, who 5 years before had divorced, due to various issues with the final nail in the coffin of their dying marriage being Kit having a one night stand.

I was all preprepared to really dislike Kit due to the “cheating” but this book did a great job of going deeper than it just being a case of “oh he cheated, is all his fault”.

I loved how Kit had been unable to have a sexual relationship since the divorce, whereas Lily had had the odd sexual partner (how many books about reuniting lovers do I read where the Man has basically slept with anything that moves during the time they have been apart, where the woman remained as chaste as a nun for no apparent reason!) so that whole premise was really rather refreshing.

They were both willing to admit that they had both had a part to play in the breakdown of their marriage.

It was a surprisingly real and very honest story about two people, trying again and struggling to deal with the issues that their previous time together had left on them. Pain, hurt, a lack of trust! It was not all hearts and flowers and an almost cheesy getting back together. They had to work for it, talk about it, and even had me worried at one point the HEA would not happen!

All in all an excellent 4 stars about two people, neither of whom were totally blameless, finding their way, through pain and anger, back to each other.

Amazon Uk Link: One Night with Her Ex (Mills & Boon Modern Tempted)


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