Low Tide Bikini (Pleasure Island #1) by Lyla Dune

Low Tide BikiniLow Tide Bikini by Lyla Dune
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Ok, this may well be unreasonable, but a huge bugbear of mine was in this book!

The male main character was British.

I have had issues before with how British Characters can be written by non British authors!

It may be unreasonable but it bugs the hell out of me!

I usually like to play “love” and “mate” bingo, if I get a full line I have a shot of tequila, throw the book and start a new one!

And yes, “love” and “mate” was used in full force here!

Also, he referred to his penis as “willy”. No, no fully grown man uses the term willy. Unless for some reason to a small male child….as in “put your willy away, no one wants to see it, and stop trying to wrap it around a pencil”

Oh and he played Rugby.

He used “bloody hell” a lot

And preferred Bitter to Lager such is his Britishness!

There was even a Page Three, a Beckham and Margaret Thatcher reference in the space of one page!

And then he turned into a fake upper class British guy and was throwing around terms such as “most assuredly” and “do you perchance” and he was not being ironic, oddly, as maybe that would have been even more British!

Yet, he referred to knickers as panties, and his equally, actually still living in Britain brother used Diaper instead of nappy! I could have let that go of I had not had so many British Clichés chucked at me previously!

Did not particularly like the female lead. She was annoyed this man was daring to want to live and make changes to his own house! Ok, she had lived there 5 years, but was always aware she was a house sitter, and she seemed to have free loaded off the previous owners for most of that time. And why she would house-sit where the room that was meant to be hers was windowless, and she was claustrophobic and had to medicate herself before sleeping there was beyond me!

Skim read most of it after that tbh…the characters and storyline just did not grab me enough to overlook the stuff that annoyed me.

Amazon Uk Link: Low Tide Bikini (A Pleasure Island Romance Book 1)


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