Last Breath (Hitman #2) by Jessica Clare

Last Breath (Hitman, #2)Last Breath by Jessica Clare
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved the first book in this series, Last Hit (and not in a reasonable way, in a way that is usually attributed to a 13 year old hysterical girl stalking the outside of a hotel where her favourite member of a boy band is staying in case he makes a shirtless appearance on the balcony!), so immediately picked this one up!

And I loved it! Why had I never read this author before?

This is certainly darker than the first book, and more action packed, but once again the author has created two main characters that I loved and cared about!

Regan had been kidnapped in book 1 and then sold to a brothel, living in hell for 6 weeks, thinking she had been forgotten about. Daniel is the friend of Nick from book 1, who has been searching for his sister and agreed to go rescue Regan.

Daniel, he was a beautiful man! The way he was with Regan, helping her come to terms with what she had gone through. Always patient and giving!

And Regan, such a fighter! Not willing to let the bad guys win and break her. So brave.

And even so, there was some funny light-hearted moments! usually from Daniel, who was rather unapologetic in his humour and personality! The banter between the two characters was great, and yet given the personalties of our two characters and the situation they found themselves in, never felt too much, it came across quite real.

We even get some scenes with my little cutie pie Nick from book 1! (who cannot love a stoic Ukrainian who takes a sledgehammer to some electrical wiring when he gets a shock!)

If you have not read this series – you need to start!

I wish book 3 was out already!

Amazon Uk Link: Last Breath (A Hitman Novel Book 2)


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