Jagged (Colorado Mountain, #5) by Kristen Ashley

Jagged (Colorado Mountain, #5)Jagged by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My thoughts after a re read.

Yes, it could have been longer. I love KA’s longer stories, and did feel at times, that the issues and just their relationship could have benefited from being written about with a lot more depth.

However, this is a personal preference, and I have read reviews where others have not liked that it can get so “long winded” with some of her older stuff.

In saying that, I liked their history together, and that Reece became aware that he had left the best thing to ever happen to him, but at the time, he was not a man who could appreciate or would have been able to commit to it, and thought it was done well.

He was a different type of KA hero, a wanderer. His past relationships had shaped him and changed him, but he knew this, in a way he made the decision to make it change him, in a way to protect himself.

Him waking up and realising what he has had all along, took an axe to the shoulder!

I loved Reece and Zara together, and how when he came back for Zara, he was aware she was now not in that place, but he still had her back and wanted to look after her.

And Zara, she was brave, she knew how she felt for Reece right from the start, but she knew (or thought at the time) she could not change how he was, and knew even trying would be a mistake and hurt them both more, so she had him the way she could, but when it was no longer working, and she wanted more out of life, knowing how much it would hurt, she still made the break and made it clean. It did not work out for her, but she did it with a hope for more for her, and a sadness in losing Reece.

It was a different tone to the rest of the Colorado Mountain series, no mad man murderer, or insane police chiefs or “The Elite” burying ppl alive, but I was kind of relieved about that, was all getting a bit “murder she wrote” with so much happening in one place (or in the case of Jessica Fletcher, around one person…I reckon it was always Jessica Fletcher and she has been getting away with it for years)

An excellent 4 stars.

Amazon Uk Link: Jagged (Colorado Mountain Series Book 5)


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