Ignite (Explosive #1) by Tessa Teevan

Ignite (Explosive, #1)Ignite by Tessa Teevan
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I think I must be a hard hearted cow or something!

But this book was just too much. Too much cheese, on top of cheese with a side ordering of cheese!

And boring! An awful lot of nothing happening, for an awful lot of pages other than overly cheesy declarations to anyone who will listen!

And Jace seemed to have some issue with a “twitching” dick. And if it was not twitching, his groin was feeling a “pull” I think he needed to get that checked out! But he managed to pass it onto Alexa who managed to have a fire ignite in her knickers and found herself “dampening” them almost constantly!

Seriously, there is something to be said for subtlety people!

They do not see each other for 10 years, spend a weekend together with all the over the top hearts and flowers and sharing. Then write to each other like:

Every night now ends with a memory of you, imagining you in that sexy bikini, or on a really good night I can still see how your face softened, the way you bit your lip while you braced yourself on my shoulders as you came for the first time when I was finally inside you. If I close my eyes, I can practically feel the way you clenched around me as you got your release”

“The thought of your hands running over my body has me feeling so hot that I may have to do something to put out the flames until you’re here to do it yourself. I guess I’ll just have to pretend that my fingers are yours, long and gentle, running over the length of my body before you stop to caress me between my legs….”

And it got worse!

I felt vaguely embarrassed for them in all honesty!

I got so bored, I decided to start playing a game counting all the pop culture references etc, of which there were many!

Amazon/Amazon Prime – 2
Kindle – 10
Netflix – 3
Skype -2
Man U -2
Man City -2
English Premier League – 1
Star Wars – 6
Kristen Ashley- 1
Kristen Ashley’s book Breathe- 1
Kristen Ashley’s book characters Faye and Chace -1
UPS- 1
Various Songs – at least 6
Ipod/Ihome – 2
American baseball teams – too many to count
Various other movies – at least ten
Facebook – 9
Myspace – 2

Yes, I am rather sad, but I got bored. And it was overkill! I was starting to suspect she was under some sort of sponsorship from these companies/products for mentioning them!

All in all, boring, predictable and very cheesy!

Amazon Uk Link: Ignite (Explosive, #1)


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