Homegrown Heroes: Ryan by Kara Swynn

Homegrown Heroes: RyanHomegrown Heroes: Ryan by Kara Swynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Copy received in exchange for an honest review

Edited 12/6/14- this book has been ever so slightly revised. Ryan is the adopted son of Cassie’s step father. (all ages remain the same) His adopted father and bio father were best friends and when his dad was killed when Ryan was a teen, he was adopted by his fathers best friend. In the edited version, we also got more of Ryan’s two best friends, which is a welcome addition.

I will say, and only because I read the original version, I do feel Ryan made Cassie work a touch too hard at the end, after she apologies – I understood his reasons for doing so ofc, but I was begging him to put the woman out of her misery!(but that is just a sign of how much I love these 2 characters and wanted them to be happy) However, it made their HEA seem more real in a way, and it was plain to see, Ryan needed to be that secure in her feelings for him.

However, the edited version is certainly tighter, and certain things (such as the explanation of the photos, make more sense and add more meaning over all). Remains an excellent 4 stars, and I need the rest of the series out now!

The rest of my review still stands.

Oh my do I need a Ryan in my life!!

This was short, but it certainly packed quite a punch!

It was a scorching little read.

Ryan is an ex marine and step brother to Cassie!

For those worried about that sort of thing, they became step siblings at 19 and 24, and met at those ages, so no growing up together as siblings.

There is history between the two of them before the story starts, which given the length really worked to give the relationship more depth and feeling to it that would have otherwise been missing if they had “just” met.

Ryan and Cassie as I say have a history, they both have feelings for each other but have tried to deny them, seeing as their parents are married and they have not always gotten along, due to misunderstanding on both parts.

So when Cassie’s mom asks her to House sit, and Ryan’s Dad asks him the same, neither are prepared to back down and break their word to their respective parent.

“Fuck! Why didn’t I let her leave? Why did I have to goad her into staying? Nothing good would come of this

And the inevitable follows.

“In fact, I think you need to get yourself some glasses, Ryan, because this is not naked!” she yelled, flicking the collar of her night-shirt again to accentuate her point.
Cassie knew immediately that she’d pushed him too far. His jaw locked and his expression became void of all emotion……A shiver raced through her body as he silently stalked towards her…..
“Youre right,” He stated, with an eerie calm and began seductively tracing the line of buttons trailing down her nightshirt with his index finger.
She could barely breath. “A-about what?”
His other hand joined the first. “This is not naked,” he declared locking eyes with hers and smiling sadistically……….
“This is!” he growled, ripping the material further apart…


It was scorching hot in places, and you really cared for both Ryan and Cassie.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will be looking out for books about Ryan’s two marine buddies and Cassie’s BF, as well as checking out what else the author has written.

It is a complete story with no cliffhangers.

Amazon Uk Link: Homegrown Heroes – Ryan


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