Here to Stay (Hidden Springs #1) by Kristine Raymond

Here to Stay (Hidden Springs, #1)Here to Stay by Kristine Raymond
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I actually got the second book in the series, as a kindle freebie, started reading that, then decided I needed this one, bought it and read it in a cpl of hours.

It is a good solid 3.5 stars and I was impressed it was a début novel.

I really enjoyed the story and it was a lovely story.

In saying that, however, a few things bugged me.

I felt, it could have been longer, some of the issues, I felt were dealt with on a rather superficial level. I wanted more depth and time given to it.

I am not a fan of when books cover a large period of time in a few pages (and I am not talking about the year long separation, which btw is not a spoiler, it is mentioned on the first page of the book) but when you turn a page and it is , one month later, a few weeks later etc. That is a personal preference and others may not be bothered by that. I just wanted to spend more time with Beth and Sam and experience their relationship developing more, actually see it happening, not just be told that it is a month later and their feelings are deeper, as it never rings true for me, if I have not read the scenes over time, as opposed to just being told about them.

Also, when Beth came back, Sam started to annoy me, his habit of just walking away from her, him being so hurt and angry and it was all about him, never mind that Beth had again gone through a traumatic experience and has so clearly been suffering because of it! – and the first time they have sex when she comes back, this was a woman who had been raped, twice, by the same man, once before she met Sam, and the second time, just before she took off, and he sneaks up on her, in the barn, where he knows her rapist had snuck up on her and dragged her out of, they have sex, without saying a word, the first time she is having sex after being raped a year earlier, and he spanks her ass twice, out of the blue, then does his trick of just staring at her and walking off again without a word, getting on his horse and disappearing for days! So yes, Sam annoyed me a bit at the end, he should have had some more compassion and though about Beth, but he was wallowing in his own self misery about how he could not trust Beth!

But, overall, I enjoyed it, read it in one sitting, and will be carrying on reading the second book.

Amazon Uk Link: Here to Stay (Hidden Springs Book 1)


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