Heaven’s Sinners (The MC Sinners, #2) by Bella Jewel

Heaven's Sinners (The MC Sinners, #2)Heaven’s Sinners by Bella Jewel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Spike and Ciara used to be best friends. Until Spike started seeing Ciara’s sister, and once again, as she had all her life, Ciara was made to feel used and second best! She runs and comes back to find her sister and Spike married.

But her sister is killed and in grief and rage, Ciara sides with her parents in going against Spike!

Years later, Ciara is trying to reach Spike again, and get through to him, find forgiveness and forgive.

Spike is having none of it. Oh, he was a mean one he was to begin. Was not sure if I would ever actually like him!

“Fuck you Spike”

“Been there, done that, wasn’t memorable”

And Ciara, this girl was a glutton for punishment, kept going back for more, determined to get through, when all evidence was to the contrary!

But, slowly we get the history and why these two have such strong feelings toward each other (even if they tell themselves it is hate)

They fight and truths come out, and they cannot resist each other.

It is an emotional ride to them finding peace and happiness with each other, they hurt each other and lash out due to pain.

A solid 4 stars, could have possibly been 5 however:

I did have a few issues with certain things! Timelines!! For me, I like to know certain things. Now, this may not bother other ppl, but how old was Ciara now, how old was she when she and Spike slept together the first time, years ago, and she ran off, how long was she gone, how long was Spike married and how long since she died. It was just mentioned in the books as “had been years” or “years since”. Ciara at one point even say something along the lines of “I think Spike is 29”. This was her supposed best friend, years ago, and her sisters husband, you would think she would know!

Now as I say, that sort of thing might not bug other ppl, but as we kept jumping to the past, I kept getting distracted from my enjoyment of the book by trying to work it out!

Also, I think there are 2 “bars” the one at the Knights Sinners compound, that Addison works at, and then a generic biker one that Ciara works out. But, for both of the, it is “I went to the bar”. This happened a few times in the first book too…..some distinction would be good.

But, mainly I cannot wait for Jacksons book now

I knock but no one answers, so with a shrug I open it. What I see, has me reeling back into the hall, screaming at the top of my lungs.

Jackson, one of his MC members, and a pretty blonde girl. Fucking. I mean…hardcore fucking………

Oh My god! I scrub at my eyes and swing my head from side to side, mumbling “no no no no no” over and over. Jackson calls my name, but I can’t scrub the image from my mind. Jackson, my father like figure, my kind, sweet Jackson..was sharing……Oh god it burns..


“Jackson, oh my god”

“Ciara, shit, fuck, sorry…I didnt lock the door..”

“Oh god, me eyes, they burn. Oh my god”


Addi calls my name, “Ciara, hey whats wrong?”



I turn to see Jackson walking out, still without a shirt. My eyes widen, and I throw up my hands. “No, its fine, Its fine.”

“I’m sorry, i feel like a fucking dog..”

“What happened?!” Addi cried loudly.

“Ciara walked in on me …ummmm” As if just realizing what he was about to say to his daughter, he stops talking. “errrr…”


“She caught him with more than one person” Spike chuckles.


“Oh my God! Father! You are so gross! You’re like…a whore”


Jackson runs a hand through his hair again and sighs loudly. “Fuck it, I’m going back in”

Way to go Jackson! Hands down my favourite part of the entire book!

Amazon Uk Link: Heaven’s Sinners (The MC Sinners Series Book 2)


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