Hearts on Fire (Hidden Springs #2) by Kristine Raymond

Hearts on Fire (Hidden Springs)Hearts on Fire by Kristine Raymond
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
A kindle freebie, started it, and decided I had to buy the first one in the series, so read that and came back to this.

I really enjoyed it.

I do feel though that we got more of a sense of who Jack is as as opposed to Landry.

The first 13% I was thinking, how come they both like each other so much all of a sudden, with no signs or hints from in the first book, but that is explained away, about the how and why and when they started to like each other.

For a historical, sometimes the dialogue and interaction felt quite modern, and they went from ignoring each other, to sleeping with each other and love very quickly, in a matter of days.

However, it was still a hugely enjoyable read, some nice drama, and a beautiful romance.

I loved Jack, and loved him and Landry together, just wish we could have got more of an idea who Landry was, as much as Jack.

I would recommend getting the first book and reading that before this one!

Amazon Uk Link: Hearts on Fire (Hidden Springs Book 2)


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