Game Changer (Hells Saints Motorcycle Club #1) by Paula Marinaro (Re named as Raine Falling)

Game Changer (Hell's Saints Motorcycle Club, #1)Game Changer by Paula Marinaro
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
I really wanted to like this story!

The synopsis was very interesting and I sat down all ready to dive into a great MC love story!

I did not get that.

I understand having to build up the history of the characters, but it detracted from the present, the story you were supposed to be telling in a way.

It is very hard to feel like Raine and Diego made any sort of connection when I think in the book they had all of 5 actual conversation together! It is pretty much all inner dialogue with very little character dialogue.

Then to take away even further from us actually being able to become invested in the main characters, we get lengthy inner dialogues from a myriad of other characters.

I really struggled to actually give a damn about Diego and Raine (Diego especially suffered from a lack of focus given to him as a character). It was less an MC romance and more an MC Family Saga with a side story of a romance thrown in.

Am unsure as to why the warning on the book blurb above “Warning: Strong language, explicit sex” the sex scenes were very fade to black, and while I do not need a steamy sex scene, in this book, it just again, made you feel a lack of love and connection between the H/h. Where was the emotion!?

Too much time setting up the next book main couples! Claire/Reno and Jules/Glory.

A disappointing 2 stars for me.

Amazon UK Link: Raine Falling (Hells Saints Motorcycle Club Book 1)


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