For Your Sake (Mountain Skulls MC #1) by Elayne DiSano

For Your Sake (Mountain Skulls MC #1)For Your Sake by Elayne DiSano
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have to admit to struggling with what to rate this book.

I loved the idea of it, I loved the idea of Ben and his “issues” his dislike for clutter, his claustrophobia etc. All the little myriad quirks to his personality that made him a bit different your usual hero.

However, the execution of the story left me struggling to read it.

Even the very first paragraph, I read, my mind wandered and lost track, and I had to go back and concentrate on what was supposed to be happening. I had a headache for the first 40% of this book I think.

The Prologue – too much, did I need to know what a man, who is in nothing but the prologue thought of his house as he drove up to it? Not really. It felt like some things were massively over written about and explained, and other things, more important, were left vague and “mysterious” for some reason.

And tbh, this book is all about Ben. Eva she was OK, if a bit sneery at times about other people “The Ol’Bat”, thinking a woman had “creep factor”, “nosy biddie” “creepy madame psychic…nothing more than an anti-social loon with bad taste in make up, fashion who probably lived with twenty cats” “Madame Frightnight” until ofc she finds out exactly who the “psychic” is and decided to be nice to her, get on her good side! But that is ok as she apparently , “Didn’t see it as kissing ass, but getting her future ducks in a row” Ok love, call it what you will, but round here, that is two faced!

And the addition of the psychic? Weird.

But, while Eva was ok, if a tad unlikeable in parts, I rather liked Ben.

Why we got the full history of Eve in the prologue and why she is as she is, Ben thought about his “tragic” circumstance 208678937 times before we actually discovered exactly what they were.

“Life on her own since that terrible afternoon eighteen years ago”
“seeing her brought back that day in the tiny trailer home they shared with their man happy mother”
“Ziggy was there that day at the mines. The trauma of the collapse was so thick he quit shortly after”
Wait! What day, have I missed something? **goes back to read** Nope, just another vague and mysterious reference.
But Ziggy knew what happened when Ben was seventeen which earned him five years in jail” Phew, am glad someone does, was wondering if Ben even knew himself!
Close few knew about his parents and the cramped, tragic circumstances of his childhood” Arrhh ok, I get it, just tell me.
“That tragic afernoon when he was seventeen which eventually became a stepping stone to the calm, cool killer he could be” What was that Ben. Something tragic happened? When you were seventeen? Well blow me down with a feather, I was unaware of anything tragic happening, when you were seventeen!

As I said in an update, it is like the book version of Vague booking!

Ben certainly felt sorry for himself enough times to be a 15 year old teenage girl let loose on Fb with nothing else to do.

See, this would be Ben on FB.

Ben “Oh that tragic night eighteen years ago”
Friend “oh no, what is up mate?”
Ben “nothing just that tragic night that when I was seventeen”
Friend “oh ok mate, but what happened?”
Ben “Well, it was tragic you know? Changed all our lives”
Friend. “Ok, i got that part mate, but what actually happened”
Ben. “Well I cant really say, but I can assure you it was, ya know, tragic”
Friend: “Okkkkkaaaaay”
Friend: “What is the matter now?”
Ben:”I feel like there is a poison inside of me”
Friend:”oh, you should see a doctor”
Ben:”No, I am just so sad”
Friend “Yes I know, but why”
Ben:”Well, I cant say, but it was tragic, and I was seventeen, and now I wish I had a house of my own”

Even Eve got in on the act. How many different ways were there to tell me she had moved back in with her Dad, bought the Card shop, moved the Card shop, hated the house she grew up in as it felt “weird” and gave off a vibe, had bought a Victorian House that was exactly like the post box shaped like a Victorian House her dad had bought her years ago.

But at least Ben, despite his moping and feeling sorry for himself, could bring it in the bedroom! I think he must have had some sort of electric tongue or something and an inbuilt vibrating dick! No sooner does he strip Eve of her clothes and pop a nipple in his mouth and she is
“Ah…Ben…Yeah…Oh God, Yeah”

I think Eve thought she had to put on a performance! Maybe she watched too much “When Harry Met Sally” when growing up.

“Yeah…oh my God, Yeah….feels so good…..I…..Ben….Ben….oh my God”

“Yeah! Oh my God Ben….yeah!Do it. Do it. Harder…..harder…”

And on and on and on like that!

The last 50% of the book it did start to improve, less repetition of stuff, we get what the “tragic” circumstances were with regards to Ben.

And from about 75% onward, my heart was pounding a bit, about how it was going to happen, how the MC Club (of all of seven members mind you) was going to come out of this. (although I had sort of guessed about her Mother near the start)

With regards to the actual writing and editing…occasionally there would be odd sentences, that made little sense for example “Ben reached over and grabbed a handful of shot glasses, pouring three with of the free scotch they brought back” Occasionally it went to present tense form past, missing punctuation. All theses are generally not a deal breaker for me if I really love the story.

But, you know what, I think I will give it 3 stars. I know, I know, I had some huge issues with this book, but, when all is said and done, I like Ben(despite him being a bit of an ass at points), I liked his story, the last quarter of the book had my heart pounding and me wanting to read on. And I loved Aero and Taz, and actually would love to read a book about them!

Amazon UK Link: For Your Sake: Mountain Skulls MC – Book #1


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